Prof. Michał Chudy, D.Sc. Ph.D. Eng.

Michał Chudy received his MSc in chemical technology from the Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland in 1997, PhD in chemistry from the same faculty in 2001, and D.Sc. in biotechnology from the Faculty of Chemistry from Gdansk University of Technology. Currently he has been an associate professor at the Chair of Medical Biotechnology, where he is a member of Chemical Sensors Research Group. His principal research interest focuses on design and fabrication of various microdevices (microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip systems) dedicated for micriobiological analyses and procedures (i.e. carrying out  analytical reactions, optical and electrochemical detection, microseparation etc.). Another research field and scientific interest is a cell culture performed in hybrid microdevices. The 2D and 3D cells cultured in microdevices in various configurations are used for cyto- , photo- , magneto-, and thermotoxicity assessement of new-synthesized bioactive compounds and materials (2D materials, nanomaterials, new anticancer drugs) and evaluation of new antitumor therapeutic procedures. He is also interested in developing of new anticancer therapies based of innovative delivery of drugs using nanocarriers (nanocapsules, polymeric micelles, magnetoliposomes).