Małgorzata Wesoły, Ph.D. Eng.

Dr Małgorzata Wesoły received her PhD in chemistry from the Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology in 2019. The object of her PhD studies was the application of a multisensor device known as an electronic tongue to examine pharmaceutical samples. In 2021-2022, she completed a 6-month research internship at the University of Warwick (UK), which aimed at the detection of plant pathogens during storage and transport based on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) analysis. Her research interests include electrochemical sensors in particular ion-selective electrodes and gas sensors, and the possibilities of their application for, among others, the detection of plant pathogens.

Dr Małgorzata Wesoły was awarded the Minister’s Scholarship for Outstanding Young Scientists and the Bekker Programme (National Agency of Academic Exchange). She was the leader of two scientific projects: Diamond Grant and Miniatura 3, as well as supervisor of several MSc and BSc theses.